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The holy task Young was speaking of was, of course, polygyny, where one man takes many wives also known by the gender neutral term polygamy. He was a passionate believer in the practice, which he announced as the official line of the church a few years earlier. Now he was set to work reassuring his flock that marrying multiple women was the right thing to do. He liked to lead by example. Though Young began his adult life as a devoted spouse to a single wife, by the time he died his family had swelled to 55 wives and 59 children.

True to the Faith. Latest See Mrmoms bbs. LDS Newsroom. Black and Mormon. On the other hand, Mormons and many others have watched with increasing alarm the spread throughout society of 'liberating' innovations such as the normalization of non-marital sexual behavior, the rise in abortion, illegitimacy, divorce, and child neglect or abuse, recreational drugs, crime, etc. Allen, James B. We knew I Mrmoms bbs as if these majestic creations were embracing me in a hug. New York: HarperOne. Ludlow, Daniel H.

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The Mormon Church was founded by Joseph Smith.

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The Mormon Church was founded by Joseph Smith. He claimed to have been visited by the Angel Moroni in who told him where he could find golden plates that Smith would translate and publish as the Book of Mormon. Smith won many followers, but also angered others who accused him of fraud and blasphemy.

By the Mormon Church had more than 1, followers, and Smith decided to move them to set up a City of God. This chart shows the main stages in the travels of the Mormons, as they moved from place to place before settling in the Great Salt Lake. The travels of the Mormons This chart shows the main stages in the travels of the Mormons, as they moved from place to place before settling in the Great Salt Lake.

In , Smith was tarred and feathered by locals. In economic depression caused the bank he had founded to go bankrupt , and the Mormons were driven out altogether.

The Mormons were attacked by mobs, and an extermination order was issued by Governor Boggs. The Mormons angered people by speaking out against slavery and in favour of Native American rights. The Mormons were hated by the locals, especially when Smith began to sanction polygamy.

In , Smith was killed by a mob. Kirtland, Ohio. An area where few people lived, so offered some sanctuary. Nauvoo, Illinois. A swamp area, which most settlers avoided. Great Salt Lake. Described as an 'unpopulous' country where 'a good living will require hard labour, and consequently will be coveted by no other people'.

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Why the Mormons moved to the West - Revision 1 - GCSE History - BBC Bitesize

The five-member panel answers questions from listeners from all over the world, including: Whether Mormons want to be recognized as a mainstream religion? What part of the Mormon faith is influenced by the Bible, and what part is influenced by the culture of its founders? Why is polygamy stereotypically linked to Mormonism? Would Mitt Romney be expected to spread the Mormon faith as a president?

Why are Mormons secretive? Why are they not as open as other churches? What is the purpose of temples? What has generated the rapid spread of Mormonism? What would Christ think of a religion that teaches that it is the only true church?

What is the Mormon view on the separation of church and state? Read the rest of this story at fairblog. Each one of us was born to change the world. This grove was planted in by King Kamehameha V and contains approximately 1, coconut trees.

The tallest of these trees towers over feet into the air. As I stood in the grove, looking up at the sky-piercing palms, rustling and swaying in the wind, I was infused with hope, love, and goodness.

I felt as if these majestic creations were embracing me in a hug. My thoughts turned to a I have great love and respect for these people, those I consider brothers and sisters in the faith. We talked openly and in a friendly manner about similarities and differences between our two churches and landed squarely on the topic of women and the priesthood.

One of the women in the room who had been ordained to the priesthood described her responsibilities and shared her feelings regarding the blessing The fictional story, Wright explained, began because he missed his father, who passed away when Wright was 16 years old. In an effort to cheer up, Wright and his family began putting their spare change in a jar.

Wagner - In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month this October, we wanted to highlight some remarkable Latter-day Saint missionaries who have helped move the work of the Lord forward around the world. We knew The Tongans have an amazing ability to keep track of one another. It is more an art or a feeling with them than a science. For instance, few people had telephones in Tonga, but for those who did, the phone system was wonderful.

There was a central switchboard operator who generally kept track of where most everyone was who had a phone. She spoke both Tongan and To submit a question click here , or schedule a consultation here.

That means eating right and exercising and helping our bodies function at their optimum strength. We could probably all do better in that regard. But I speak here of optimum health; there is no universal optimum size.

When I was in my 20s, working out was all about looking good. I was They have potent power to heal emotional challenges when there is faith in the Savior Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden. Comments and feedback can be sent to feedback ldsliving. Trending See All. Latest See All. Follow ldsliving. LDS Living.