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And amongst the all-star cast was Lainie Kazan , an accomplished Broadway singer and actress who played the role of CC Bloom's pushy stage-mother. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account?

Oops lainie kazan

Oops lainie kazan

Oops lainie kazan

By clicking above Oops lainie kazan agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Castro is a person that towers over people in almost every image you can get of him along other people. Nikita was 5'3 according to Wikipedia. He is Ools the most part the tallest one. Episode: " New Year's Eve ". Billie Whitelaw. Thank you for subscribing. Follow IMDb on. Valerie Kirk. Most Rare.

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Our Trademarks exempt. Black and White Photo's. I would Oops lainie kazan these days Oazan lover of choice is a big dildo. Lana is a lawyer now in New York City. Now kzaan back to rubbin, fatso. Subscribe 1K. R30, Peter Daniels died 20 years ago and he and Lainie were long divorced. This was before she was fired for being too fat. Recent Active. View Todays Anniversary. Lainie Teen ashley masturbating was always a gorgeous woman with a hot body.

Will Love.

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  • Talking about her personal life, she is a married woman.
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Tom Dreesen. Woody Allen. David Marienthal shares his personal journal of memories and updates on the hottest talent to grace Mister Kelly's stage plus inspiration for future episodes of the TV show! London House University. The January Ella Fitzgerald concert sold out quickly and garnered rave reviews. Special guest performance by a Chicago high school student protege from ChiArts. Click on each image to see its full gallery!

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Episode: " New Year's Eve ". Retrieved December 27, She's not. Beverly Hills, - as Rose Zuckerman. Black and white photo's of various.

Oops lainie kazan

Oops lainie kazan

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Some features on this site require a subscription. They look like they are. Nowadays she'd be called a fat hog. I miss when that was the beauty standard, not this Skeletor look. Definitely real; the photos are carefully posed and lit, to hide the fact that they're starting to head south. Did you know that Lainie's autobio was cancelled because she wouldn't discuss her lesbianism and there were so many public questions?

God, I remember jerking off to those pics. But then I discovered After Dark magazine and all bets were off. I remember seeing Lainie in one of Sinatra's late 60's movies and her boobs were so huge he couldn't keep his eyes off of them.

She's a lesbian??? I can't find anything on the net about it. Not denying it I just never knew that. She was replaced by Michele Lee. R13, if you've never heard any lesbian rumors, consider some of these facts: One short marriage, one child, single since she was 30, no dates with men even for show. If this woman was ever "hot" would she have been asked out by men more often? She's not.

It's just another DL fairy tale. A bunch of dykes probably rubbed their clits raw fantasizing about her 30 yrs ago and their fantasies have turn reality in their basement bed sets. But she must keep quiet and maintain an image for those country club singing dates she still plays.

Morgan, and some others What doLily, Jaye P. R9, I was hetero in terms of jerking off to porno until I was around 13 and then my dad, who was bi, started buying Blueboy and After Dark and I started looking at them and wanting to suck on Marc Singer's tits along with Lainie's.

I do prefer fucking women than men, though. I was hot for them both in retrospect. Interesting, r7. Did your dad ever formally come out or did you just deduce he was bi from the magazine stash? Lainie was in a very long relationship with Peter Daniels until his death a few years ago. She's not a lesbian. R23, what evidence do you have that's she's straight?

R29 my dad never formally came out as bi. However a very early memory I have is of being taken into NYC we lived on Long Island to visit an AA buddy of of his and sitting on the toilet looking up at the walls which were laminated with body builders. I sensed something then. My dad died when I was 20 and I never spoke to him about his sexuality. Burn in Hell. Ok I'm going to assume this person is a lesbian, because I know none of my fellow lesbians would be wishfully thinking over that.

R36, I'll only be in relationships with guys. I have a definite emotional preference for men. And I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a woman and shut off my desire to be with guys on the side. I just have a sexual component which includes fantasizing about women, jerking off half the time about sex with women. I've been with far more men than women sexually. I've been in three long-term relationships with men. Anyway, her tits might have been started to "head south" because they are REAL.

You can be a 25 year old woman, if you have very big tits, they do start to sag at a young age! The cover is a BW Playboy-ish shot so she is very proud of the way she looked in those days. Great show, made me a fan. I wanna see Lainie's bush! Hey, I am another gay who use to get off on this pictorial, the Sarah Miles Playboy spread and some of the couples Robert Culp and wife; Peter Brown and girlfriend spreads that appeared in Oui Magazine.

R30, Peter Daniels died 20 years ago and he and Lainie were long divorced. Also, Playboy used to still does? Guess that was tooooo much for Playboy. There are many public figures who are said to be gay on DL by posters who have no idea what they are talking about. But this is not the case with Clooney. I am saying this because I have it on very good authority that he has a male partner in Italy.

I know someone who knows Clooney well. My father had collected Playboy's soft cover pocket books, they were a combo of jokes, cartoons, articles and pictorials condensed in a small format.

Sometimes there would be a special edition like, Playboy's Sex in the Cinema. In the bush shot, she was wearing this dress made of plastic pieces, it was kind of a s 'groovy' type dress that Goldie Hawn might have danced in on "Laugh-In".

Lainie was naked underneath and the bush was definitely in that photo. I'll have to ask my dad if he still has those PLayboy books, I can sell them on ebay! My parents save everything. Also, IIRC, the see-through dress photo was shot in what today would be referred to as an "up skirt" photo, so the bush was very visible.

Darling, r51, you don't have to "open your vag" to see stuff and Playboy airburshed these things. Skin is visible between bush. Correcting photos, AKA "airbrushing" in the old days, took much more time, and more expertise, because as you must know there weren't any personal computers let alone graphics programs to do these things so quickly.

Why do they think we give a flying fuck to know their Trolldar accusations? Regardless whether or not you can see her bush, Ms. This was before she was fired for being too fat. You're one to talk, Babs. You look like someone who's been having a little too much schmear on her bagel yourself. Not to mention all the onion rolls on that plate too! When I was a kid in the 70s, I remember being very attracted to Lainie She was one of those women who let me know I was not quite like my friends.

I felt 'funny' when I looked at her. Her boobs look fake in that photo where she's smushing them together. The shape just looks wrong. In the linked photo, she appears to be lying down. It seems the photographer took the photo, either standing above her at on odd angle, or standing lower then shooting up at her. I think both men and women, whether gay or str8, are so used to seeing fake breasts, not many people remember what real breasts actually look like, unless you're taking art classes and seeing nudes on a regular basis!

Then there's a continuation which I'll post next Phrasing, inflections, vocal production, vocal attack I hear Streisand all over it. Our little theater in Asbury Park did Funny Girl as a benefit a few years ago. The one night only performance was pretty awful and starred a bad drag queen as Barbra playing Fanny Brice but Lainie seemed just lovely though her voice was not what it had been.

Back then they used silicon injections, not implants. Anyway, it looks like there's a ridge along the top of her breast. R That was me that mentioned that song. I still have that Lainie Kazan LP.. Thanks for posting that clip. I miss variety shows. Lust in the Dust - as Marguerita Ventura. Beverly Hills, - as Rose Zuckerman.

Karen's Song - as Claire Steiner. The Paper Chase - as Rose Samuels. Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. Our Trademarks exempt. Toggle navigation. Free Live Cams. Free Signup. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Lainie Kazan Nude Brief Nudity. Top Scenes. Lust in the Dust Lust in the Dust Nude , butt Body Double? Kazan's on the bed with her rump up, exposing some crackage and some entertaining ink.

Gigli Sexy , thong Lainie Kazan is skintastic in this sexy scene! Biography With her juicy lips like fat sweet dates; her direct, no-bullshit, libido-fed gaze; and a rack commensurate with the size of her big-as-all-heck heart, eternally ethnic Lainie Kazan might be mistaken for just any earthy goddess of sensual delights, until she opens her mouth and belts out a ballad.

Gigli - as Mother. Nude , butt Body Double?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Lainie Kazan Arrested for Shoplifting | E! News

And amongst the all-star cast was Lainie Kazan , an accomplished Broadway singer and actress who played the role of CC Bloom's pushy stage-mother. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Broadway Pizza. Respecting the men who defended every piece of our country when the enemy struck! Happy Defence Day!

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Oops lainie kazan

Oops lainie kazan